About Us

"Architecture is music carved in stone". - Henry James
Hello, my name is Tal Nissim and I have been an independent architect since 1997. 
I graduated with distinction in 1993 from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design - Department of Architecture and Urban Construction.

Over the years, I designed and led many architectural projects for families, businesses and public institutions.  I operate in these three worlds that are all actually spaces for people.
For 15 years now, my work is characterized by paying special attention to every project, big or small, private or public.
I believe that just as every individual comprises an entire and unique world, so every project is different in nature, finishing materials, geometric shapes and spaces.  Just as every person differs from his friends, every project is a unique world in itself.
When a project is formed out of true listening to the needs, capabilities, dreams and location, while focusing on future uses of the structure and the unique needs of its dwellers, the end result is an architecture creation embedded in its panoramic and urban environment, sensitively reflecting the measures and dreams of its users. 
Therefore, when I am asked about my architectural style, I answer - people.
For me, architecture is also a passion.
A passion for continuously searching, a passion for discovery, a passion for envisaging the "place" and creating it with material, with actual construction.  it is this passion that underlies the way I work.
My passion, listing to you, my experience, presence, leading this complex "thing", the ability to see all of the details and their implications, the ability to see the finished product even before it is created, to sense its heartbeat as if it is my only and first project, in addition to uncompromising professionalism - all of these develop my work into the harmonious song and dance created by architecture.
This determination, dedication and love for people, architecture and the cause, are what distinguish my work as an architecture from that which is provided by any other professional in the field.
In addition to design, I manage projects with the belief that when an architect conducts the orchestra in the field, manages and respects the budgetary constraints and oversees the actual work, the tune will indeed play smoothly and the vision will be optimally achieved.
Construction, renovations or working on any other structure or space comprise a thrilling experience on many levels.  No doubt, it is one of the most complex and challenging tasks.  The work involves so many different bodies and professionals and it weaves an intricate tapestry that sometimes leaves people out of breath and at a loss for energy.
But how can the extended construction or renovation process still be a riveting, experiential and positive adventure?  The answer, as in any complex process, is with the person at the forefront, and when it comes to construction or renovations - with the architect.
I would love to get to know you,