Private Homes

  • Private home - Ramat Raziel 1

    The public space at the entrance to the building covers the entire slope, from the lowest point to the range line, while the other parts of the house "adjust" to the natural slope.
    Lot: ~500m² trapezoid located on the slope with height dif...
  • Private home - Ramat Raziel 2

    A private home on private land at the eastern side of the settlement with its back to the settlement, fanning out to the west toward the breathtaking landscape
    Lot: ~1,000m².  The 0:00 level is 3.50m lower than the access road and the land extends ...
  • Project name 4

    A home at the edge of the desert

    The house has an interior courtyard that offers an open "inner world", naturally chilled in the summer due to prior consideration of wind directions and sun and shade routes.  The inner and o...
  • Private home in Moshav Ben Noon

    A private home in MOshav Ben Noon.
    Lot: ~500m².
    Constructed area: 180m²
  • Private home in Har Adar 1

    A private home in Har Adar, a row of columns leading to the entrance and the 8m high public space that can be viewed from a gallery serving as a studio.
    Lot: ~500m².
    Constructed area: 220m²
  • Private home in Har Adar 2

    Private home in Har Adar

    The main story in this house is the library, constructed as a concourse that crosses the house from east to west.  Looking into the house from the street, through the concourse, interior and outer reflections all the ...