The Shared Journey

"There are those who know how to connect heaven and earth" - Prof. Arch. Zeev Druckman
I create spaces for people.
Private living space, work space, spaces for leisure and fun, and spaces for learning.  I invite you to create, together with me, your own personal space.

I divide my work as an architect into two levels:
•  From the beginning - Planning, designing and construction project management from the start;
beginning with the untouched land until completion.
•  New face - Planning, designing and construction project management for a structure requiring
renovation and readjustment.
I will lead, accompany and guide you on this thrilling journey, from the first to the final stage of the thought, planning and construction process

Pleased to meet you
In order for me to become acquainted with your world and dreams, with what you want, what you need and the best way to go about achieving it, our first advisory meeting is held at no cost.

The personal story
This is a preliminary stage in which the client and I invest deep thought, set the construction objectives, raise the basic needs and all of the dreams and desires of the family or business owner.  The nature of this stage is unique to working with me and it is aimed to begin by integrating the personal story into the planned structure.
"Architecture manages to express the beauty of the structure and turn it into a house, but it is fluid, inspirational and unique architecture, which corresponds with the spirit of the family or business, that will transform the architectural creation into someone's home".
This meeting leads to the next stage: Planning.

After presenting several preliminary design proposals, we will discuss them.  This is the stage of searching, researching, discussing, asking questions and raising misgivings.  This process will end with an agreed plan for moving forward.
I will handle all of the bureaucratic matters, including the application for a construction permit and monitoring the process until it is issued.  Concurrently, we will set the project budget and a clear schedule for execution.
It is important for me to add that I prepare a physical model of the structure in every project.  Using a model, unlike virtual simulation, physically and tangibly shows the structure and the landscaping design for the lot.  The model roofs can be removed, thus allowing a peek into the interior.  The physical model enables those who are not savvy with reading blueprints to truly study all of the structure spaces, openings (windows and doors) and light infiltration patterns - all at real proportions.  Once the model is understood, changes can be made prior to actual implementation in the field.

Project Management
The construction project is a complex process that requires contact with and management of many consultants, subcontractors, professionals and financial resources.  it is an interesting and challenging task that calls for a great deal of professional know how and experience.  Through intelligent project management and supervision, I take your story from the spirit to the matter, while meticulously monitoring timetables and preventing deviations from the predefined budget.  And what about you?  You can be as involved in the project as you choose, through dialogues for joint decision making on purchases, changes and dilemmas requiring your attention at every stage of the construction process.

I believe that every space, house, office or structure is a one-time creation of interior design as well, which must perfectly correspond with those who live and work there, starting with the vision of the interior and outer spaces to the smallest niches and hidden corners.  I will accompany you through the selection of the furniture and lighting fixtures, I will plan the color scheme for and with you, and we will select the materials together.

In conclusion
Our lives are a journey through time, introducing us to constant changes that require adjustment.  The same applies to our living spaces.  The original plan considers these future changes and I would be happy to assist and accompany you in the future, once the project is complete.